Friday, December 3, 2010

Global Tippler (no, not the pigeon)

My fondness for whiskey isn’t any secret and as such I have a collection that would put most liquor stores to shame. In my defense, I have friends who are also fellow enthusiasts that blow away my hoard so I don’t feel out of control just yet. My open bottle collection hovers around 60 bottles of various bourbons, rye’s, Tennessee, Irish, Scotch, Indian and Japanese whiskies and making a decision some nights on what to pour is a chore. Last night, I was all over the whisk(e)y map. I started out sipping on a Japanese whisky then moved on to bourbon and finished the evening with Irish. I was a world traveler and didn’t leave the house. It got me thinking and I thought it would be fun to blog about different whisk(e)y expressions the world over. Now, I can only write about what I have in my bunker but I think I have a decent representation of the world of whiskies.

I’ll be starting off here on my home turf and write about an American bourbon or rye whiskey. After that it’s wheels up and we’ll be landing in Canada and visit one of the best expression of Canadian Rye I’ve ever had. After that we’ll head to Europe and then shoot on down to India and finish up our trip to Japan. So pack your flask, bring your snuggly and off we go.

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