Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Goodbye 1957

Last night I poured the last of an 8 year Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond from 1957. I think I got misty as I sipped the last few drops from my Glencairn. My thought as I peered sadly into the bottom of the glass was "why can't they make bourbon like this any longer?" I hate to sound like a snob but geezy peezy, that was good… wait…correction…..that was superb bourbon. Sitting in the glass it was a moderate golden color and had a very viscous quality to it. The flavor was old school Stitzel Weller; plenty of cherries, toffee and toasted nuts. The finish was pleasing all the way down. It's nice having bourbon dork friends as they tend to feed samples to me on occasion so as I was milking the last drops of bourbon from the glass, a package arrived with what else inside…..bourbon. My buddy sent some dusties he found in Los Angeles to me and included three samples; 1965 Old Fitz BIB, 1954 Old Fitz BIB and a 1966 Very Old Fitzgerald. So, my sadness turned to glee as I now have replacements. Drink on!