Monday, July 9, 2012

Bourbon Influx #2

Just received partial shipment of the barrel picks from last April.  Four boxes arrived Saturday with three different selections of Old Weller Antique; all single barrel. The last OWA we picked had just turned 8 years old a day or two prior to the barrel dump.  This time around they were approx. 7 yr 4 months old.  One of them in particular reminds me of an older Pappy 15. 

The three Four Roses Single Barrels were different recipes; OBSF, OESK and OESF, picked in that order by the group of tasters.  The OESK selection was a very short barrel.  In fact, Jim Rutledge didn't think it would actually yield much of anything.  He was almost right...we managed to pull 48 bottles from the barrel. The "F" yeast recipes are terrific.  I've opened the OESF and it's got a big fruity profile.  

Have not received the selections from KBD and we're still working a possible selection from Heaven Hill that would be a barrel from the Parkers Heritage line of wheaters. 

I haven't opened and tasted everything yet but what I have opened is top shelf.  I'll post tasting notes later.

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