Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

Assuming you believe in Santa Claus; was he good to you this year? I have no complaints as I received a couple of very nice gifts of bourbon and beer. A couple weeks back I mentioned my Christmas list and what I was looking for on Saturday. For bourbon, I was gifted the newest release of Parkers Heritage Collection along with two bottles of vintage bourbon; early 70’s Ancient Age 86 proof and early 70’s Cream of Kentucky. To say I was excited about these three bottles would be an understatement. Along with the bourbon I was also gifted a Firestone Walker 14th Anniversary. This beer is a blend of various barrels to achieve a particular flavor profile. I have not opened it yet but I know those that have and the accolades are noteworthy.

Christmas was very nice this year. I can’t say relaxing because I didn’t really take extra time off and having a large family in the area, we had 24 people for Christmas dinner. During and after dinner we enjoyed some very nice libations that included beer; Noel des Geants, Ommegang Three Philosophers, Southern Tier Choklat and La Chouffe. Each beer was unique and delicious. We also enjoyed a 2006 Weller Antique, Cream of Kentucky and a Redbreast 15 year.

If you received or enjoyed something nice this Christmas, let us know what it was. You’ll see the next Global Tippler up sometime this week. I’m over the Flu and Cold and ready to get back on the virtual road.


  1. My family doesn't know what to buy me when it comes to bourbon, so a couple of them gave me cash and let me pick out my own. This year I was able to pickup a Pappy 15 and an OWA. I'd love to find some older goodies, but haven't been able to. However, I'm extremely happy with these two.

  2. Cash is good and Pappy and OWA are even better. Nice picks. If you don't live in a controlled state, finding older stuff may be easier than you think.