Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Breaking News!!!!!! GTS now produced by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers!!!!! (hint: not true)

I've read bourbon or whiskey related articles in the past and many times the writer simply gets facts wrong.  This article re-posted by FoxNews from Bon Apetit is simply journalistic laziness on full display.  According to the author, Mr. Knowlton, Buffalo Traces's Weller Special Reserve and George T. Stagg are now produced by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers.  The premise of the article is that Pappy Van Winkle is impossible to find (uh....yah), and suggests George T. Stagg as an alternate stating it would be easier to find.......really? 

Ok, a show of hands from everyone that can easily find GTS........anyone?



  1. Haha...I noticed that as well. I figured the WL Weller with the KBD bottle and name was just a miss. GTS as an alternatively easy find is the real joke. Maybe for Knowlton it is easy.

  2. Yeah, there were multiple errors in that article. I know things can get confusing with NDP's and that kind of thing if you're not in the bourbon world but these were just laziness. That's why I made my own list at bourbonr.com/blog :)

  3. And so it goes, both in whiskey AND journalism.

  4. Andrew Knowlton isn't to be taken seriously, ever. This sort of nonsense is typical of him and the direction taken by Bon Appetit under the guidance of Adam Rapaport, who is also not worthy of being taken seriously.

  5. I also believe he meant to show Weller 12 yr rather than Special Reserve. SR is okay, but nothing like OWA or WLW 12.

    1. LOL...is that's the case, it makes the article even worse....not only attributing the wrong distillery but showing the wrong bourbon all together. I just picked up 4 375's of WSR from 1999. It's a good, simple sipper. Not a top shelf pour but good for when you want something good and not overly complex.