Monday, November 11, 2013

Four Roses - Spring 2013

I know I'm being repetitious but Four Roses whiskey is the bourbon bomb.  This isn't to say that BT or KBD or any of the other distilleries in the area don't turn out fine bourbon but under Jim Rutledge, Four Roses is turning out some of the best bourbon on the market.

I've mentioned in previous posts that I was not a fan of FR back when they started re-distribution in the US of their KSBW (right around 2005 or 2006) but since then, I'm hooked.  This is due in  part to getting access to single barrels picked by Jim or the FR warehouse manager, Cory (she knows where all the honey barrels sit).

This last round of barrel picks were again top shelf....I know I sound like a broken record but this is some seriously good drinking.

Our intention for this round of picks was two barrels.  As luck would have it, we liked more than just two barrels.  After picking the two top barrels, an animated discussion broke out with one member cheerleading the group to purchase a third.  Our expectation coming in was two so it took some time to warm up to the idea of committing to a third.  Not that the barrel wasn't stellar but we pre-commit every purchase so the group knows how many each has committed to buying.  Purchasing a third ad hoc took some time to discuss.  I won't go into the lengthy discussion and phone calls that ensued but we did in fact purchase a third barrel.

We selected three different recipes at barrel strength:

OESO 75% Corn - Fruity (Red Berries), Med Body - 10.6 YO – 113.4 PF
Warming as it enters the palate.  Barrel notes, sweet baking spice and burnt cream.  The low proof means no heat and all flavor.  Long finish that ends with a bit of spice tingling on the tongue.

OBSO 60% Corn - Slightly Fruity, Spicy, Med Body - 9.5 YO - 127.0 PF
Caramel and cream, no heat, moderate cinnamon spice mid palate.  Add a drop of water the the flavor pops.  The finish is quite long and satisfying.

OESV 75% Corn - Delicate Fruity, Fresh, Creamy - 9.0 YO – 122 PF
This is one sweet bourbon.  In fact, probably the sweetest FR we've picked.  This drinks way too easy and has nice red fruits mid palate with butter and honey mixing in toward the finish. I wish I had 10 more bottles of this one.  Superb.

All three of these bourbons handle water exceptionally of our picking criteria.

Whatever Jim is doing at Four Roses I hope he keeps it up and lives a long healthy life cranking out great bourbon.  Thank you Jim.


  1. Glad you reminded me of the OESO. Pulled one out: you're right, it is fantastic.

    1. You're welcome. I may dip into OESO #1 for soon as I'm done with my '07 THH.