Thursday, February 21, 2013

Go Whiskey! Again!

Tomorrow I jump on a flight to Boston to attend the Go Whiskey Weekend put on by Julio's Liquor in Westborough Mass.  I attended this event last year and had a good time.  This year we have quite a few more group members attending.  Tomorrow evening will be a Scotch and dinner pairing featuring John Glaser from Compass Box where he'll be paring up 5 CB selections. 

I obviously have a lot of bourbon which is why my focus this weekend will be to secure a couple of non-bourbon whiskies.  Last year I picked up a Redbreast Cask Strength and look to secure another bottle.  I'm also interested in what Compass Box and Springbank whiskies Ryan will have for sale.  Last year Ryan also featured some great selections by Douglas Laing one of which I picked up, a Rosebank 20 year.  Should be a good weekend of hunting for unique additions to the bunker bar.

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  1. Richnimrod says;
    Wow, I'm envious! Sounds like a great time in store. Have FUN! Be SAFE! ...And score something(s?) nice. I wish I was with ya'.