Saturday, January 26, 2013

Old.....Old Grand Dad

I bet you would never guess I have many friends who share my passion for bourbon....well, I have many.  As a byproduct, we do a lot of sharing and horse trading.

I met a good friend at a local cigar lounge today to just visit over a pint of Founders Porter and enjoy a nice Juan Lopez Corona Gorda.  He's a big dusty hunter and has pulled in some very nice bottles over the last year.

Recently, he fell into a horde of vintage bourbon from a guy dumping bottles picked up at an estate sale up in PA.  The original owner had boxes and boxes of old bourbon in his basement and a couple of those boxes contained 1962 Old Grand Dad Bottled in Bond.  My buddy was kind enough to share some of the OGD; it was a very nice gesture and one I gladly took advantage of.

The stopper and cork on this decanter was compromised so the bourbon had to be re-canted in order to eliminate any evaporation or oxidation so I dumped the whiskey into an empty I had laying around.  The fill level on the bottle was actually quite impressive considering it's been sitting around for 50 years.  I would say less than 10% loss over that time.

I tried a small sip of the bourbon and it has that musty old quality to it; one that I like very much.  I'll do a more in depth tasting in the near future.  

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