Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good Bye Old Crow and Old Fitz

Back almost 3 years ago to the day, I posted an Exam-o-dram for a 1969 Old Crow 10 year.  I've been on a mission to drain my low fill bottles.  As someone posted on this very blog, I have bottles with low fill and if I let them sit too long, they could over oxidize and turn on me.

So, rather than taking my normal eclectic approach to drinking, I've decided to focus on those bottles that just need to be killed off.  Two bottles I focused on in the last week or so was the Old Crow and a '82 Old Fitz BIB.  After being open for a number of years, they were both still very enjoyable and tasty to the last drop.

The short list of low fill that I'll be concentrating on in the coming weeks will be:

70's vintage Cream of Kentucky
1959 Old Forester BIB
1992 Old Fitz Prime
1978 Benchmark
1984 Wild Turkey 101
Various BTAC
Various Willett
Michael Collins 10 year
Redbreast 12 year

Actually, that's not a short list after all.


  1. How was the Old Fitz Prime '92?
    I have a handle of the same and it's amazing.

    1. The Fitz Prime from '92 was good. To go from good to great you have to go back in time. I have one handle left of a '74 Prime 86 pf that's other worldly....I have quite a few bottles of Fitz BIB from '82 that are fantastic. Don't get me wrong, that handle of '92 you have is good juice and better at 80 proof than most offerings currently on the shelf. Enjoy it.