Friday, April 22, 2011

Port City Porter - Beeralicious

Residing in my own back yard is Port City Brewing in Alexandria ,VA. Shopping at my local Wegmans the other day, I noticed a large beer display of numerous Port City beers with two catching my eye; Optimal Wit, a Belgian White Ale and the Porter. I decided to grab the Porter since my preference recently has run toward the darker beers.

I had not seen Port City beers before so being a local brewery, I was intrigued. The next day I pulled a chilled bottle and aggressively poured the Porter into a tulip shaped glass which produced a nominal mocha head of about one inch. The beer was dark mahogany in color and the smell coming off the head was malty and toasty. The nose on this beer was somewhat subtle but the aroma profile was noticeable with roasted malt, creamy chocolate and dark coffee.

On entry, those aromas turn into very appealing flavors as with the roasted malt and slight bitter coffee coming to the front with chocolate complementing from the background. Low hop content and virtually no alcohol coming through on the palate. This beer is medium to full bodied with very little carbonation.

I was very pleased with this beer and am especially pleased it’s a hometown brew. This beer comes in at 7.5% ABV and can be purchased in six packs for around $10.


  1. An excellent brew that actually resembles a porter.. nice review Greg!!!

  2. I've had all of Port City beers, their Porter is pretty solid.