Friday, November 19, 2010

The Pending Holiday Coma

Turkey day is almost upon us and with that are thoughts of Turkey (or Turducken if you're a bit conflicted), mashed 'tater's, stuffin, cranberry sauce, baked oysters (not sure how this is festive), buttered rolls, green beans, pumpkin pie, apple pie and later in the day, leftovers. What's missing is what spirit, brew or wine will go with those various food delicacies? I'm sure we'll have wine but that's not my area of interest so I'll focus on beer and whiskey. My thoughts are to start the opening salvo with a beer before dinner and that will be Bell's Best Brown Ale. I picked this pre-dinner tipple because it's a very flavorful brown ale which will get the taste buds going and it's also a low ABV. For dinner a Widmer Brothers Prickly Pear Braggot and a La Chouffe Belgian Blond Ale. I selected these as I wanted something that would provide a little tartness or flavors of spice, fruit, honey and mild hop. While wine is all well and good, sometimes, I prefer a beer that lifts the palate while indulging and I think the Braggot and Belgian blond will do the trick. I think those that like wine will probably prefer the Braggot while others may go with the spicy ale of the Belgian. After we all awake from the tryptophan and carb slumber, we'll indulge in an upside down apple pie and a pumpkin pie paired with a couple stout selections that feature a flavor profile of coffee, dark chocolate and malt. While I haven't firmed up the selection, it will probably be either a Chimay Premier or Founders Dirty Bastard Scottish Ale. For those that want to indulge in an after dinner whiskey, I'll be offering a various whiskey's from the open bottle collection (north of 55 bottles) so it's up to those that indulge to select what they want. For me, probably a 144 proof 17 year wheat bourbon……..neat……then sleep.

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