Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bourbon Dork plus.....

When I first did this blog I was really focused on bourbon (duh), but there are certainly other things that have captured my attention. So, in addition to blogging about bourbon, I'm going to include other related topics such as Scotch and Irish whiskies, beer and cigars. I love 'em all.

One topic I've avoided delving into too much is writing about whiskies that are not available anymore or are very difficult to find. I'm not sure why I took that position because in hindsight that was kind of silly. If you read my blog on dusty hunting you'll see that out of production bourbons can still be found.

Also, it was just announced recently that Redbreast 15 year Irish Whiskey will shortly be available here in the U.S. That's big news for me cause I dig Irish whiskey. So, going forward, I'm expanding the topic line and I certainly hope you enjoy it. Cheers.

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