Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…..NOT!

As a person who really dislikes snow, I'm sitting in a major storm right now. Started about midnight and it's now about noon and we have about 2 feet on the ground at a balmy 24 degrees. That's a lot of freakin white stuff. I began checking the reports 2 days ago and the snowfall projections started out at 5-8" but by yesterday afternoon, that had changed to 10-20" and the by later evening updated yet again to 15-25". Of course, those projections were for total snowfall over the course of midnight last night to early tomorrow morning. I can say (and as you can see by the nice pretty pictures), we have met and will exceed those numbers. I'm thrilled. I've been out twice and plowed the driveway with my trusty '74 Farmall 140 and if not for that old tractor, I'd be buried for a number of days. So, I'm thankful for tractors and of course I'm thankful for one other thing on a day like this; Bourbon. Thank you George T. Stagg and thank you Thomas H. Handy for your warming embrace and being my warm bourbon blanket. So, if you happen to be stuck in this wide band of snow, what's the bourbon you pour to stay warm?


  1. I love snow. Love it.
    My snow adventure started Friday at around 3pm going to the ABC store to buy a bottle of OGD 114 for my snow days. Even though I have two in the bunker there is something about getting a bottle just for the snow. :)
    It started snowing here around 330pm and I was safely inside by 3:45.
    Around 8pm as I was about to pour a glass I got a knock on my door asking if I would take that person up to the store for another neighbor because they did not have any supplies in the house and were elderly. Normally I try not to go out in the snow but I could not say no. After coming back I forgot about the OGD 114 I had bought for the snow and had the last of a bottle of BT and a bit of OC Classic 90.
    This morning I went outside for a smoke and to watch all the cars try and try to get out of our neighborhood. One of them was really really stuck and was telling me that he was trying to get over to his girl friends house because her dad was in town and was trying to get out because he was in that army and had to get to NC to catch a flight. So I pulled him out got back in my Jeep and went to pull someone else out across town. 3 hours later a lot of digging and pulling I got the little VW Golf out on to the main roads. After a long nap then shoving snow and a great dinner with my wife I am now sitting down with my bottle of OGD 114 and it taste great.
    what I learned from this weekend is helping people makes you feel great and two feet of snow can't stop a jeep.

  2. Dan - Thanks for keeping the spirit of Christmas alive and serving others.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I'm with Dan, i love snow, but rarely get it any more here in Idaho.I live at about 2000 feet elevation and most of the areas that get snow here any more are either way up north in the pan handle or above about 4000 feet in elevation. We had about three inches a week ago and then it rained and now is foggy. The system that dumped all the rain on us is now what is giving you all the snow. Looks like another green Christmas for us here in the gem state. Went out Friday and bought my son a new sled, so I'm sure it won't snow now! Oh well, going to break into some Dant BIB tonight anyway. Enjoy the white stuff. Hope it makes your Holiday's merrier!

  4. Wild Turkey Rare Breed after four hours on the tractor plowing the driveway, my back yard, and a small field in preparation for an outdoor New Year's Eve party in two weeks (with two BIG fires!). We only got about six inches here in central PA, so it was more manageable.

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

  5. Those of us who live in places where no one still has their outdoor furniture outdoors in December have a different perspective.

  6. Chuck - Thankfully we don't get snow like this very often. There have been some years where I do use the outdoor furniture in Dec. Not this year.