Thursday, August 20, 2009

Monthly Bourbon Recommendation

Just had a thought that maybe I'll do a recommendation every month or so. We'll see how it goes. For this month my recommendation is Very Old Barton (VOB) Bottled in Bond (BIB). First, this is good whiskey at a value price. I picked up a couple bottles in KY last year and paid around $12 a bottle. Montgomery County, MD is a controlled county (rest of the State is non-ABC) and is a not for profit ABC and as such, the prices are very reasonable. They have the VOB BIB for $8.69 a 750; a real steal in my book.

Second, Constellation Brands recently sold the Tom Moore distillery where Barton and Ridgemont Reserve are made to Sazerac Company who owns Buffalo Trace. I'm not sure what BT plans to do with the Barton brand and whether they will keep producing this product in the same fashion using the same mashbill. Over time, I'm thinking not. So, this is one of those times where if you like VOB BIB and want to stock up, now's the time. I got caught sleeping at the wheel last time BT pulled a product from the shelves and barely managed to pick up 8 bottles of Ancient Ancient Age 10 year, a great whiskey and now only available in KY. This bourbon was named "Best Buy of the Year" by John Hansell at Malt Advocate magazine.

So, the specific reasons I think this is a bourbon worth picking up and bunkering is:

1. Taste is above average
2. Age stated at 6 years old
3. 100 proof
4. Great price
5. Longevity of the brand unknown

If you're not familiar with VOB BIB and want to give it a spin, go pick up a bottle, it's a low cost investment and I think you'll like it. Please remember to drink responsibly. Cheers.

Personal rating: 7.5/10

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